Love Peace Harmony BC

We are an Association of loving people, dedicated to bring more Love Peace Harmony to our families, to our friends, to our community and to the world. Pets, bears and whales included.

We believe that when many people join hearts and souls together to chant and meditate, this automatically creates a powerful field. We become what we chant, so as we chant to create world love, peace and harmony, each of us is transforming the message we carry within.

We chant the Song  Love, Peace and Harmony to develop love peace and harmony in our hearts and minds.

Together, we'll celebrate the power of the human spirit and its ability to transcend, transform and triumph to create miracles. Imagine a world where everyone holds the message of love, peace and harmony!

What can you do to bring love, peace and harmony to the world today?

1. Transform yourself

  • Sing or chant for 15 minutes every day.
  • Join a chanting group in your area, and invite friends and loved ones to spread the positive energy.

2. Transform the community

  • Through a local Love Peace Harmony group, participate in community humanitarian activities, including bringing Love, Peace and Harmony to meditation centers, schools, retirement communities, assisted living facilities and other groups in need.
  • Take part in events to raise funds to support worthy organizations in your community.
  • Make a difference in your community by distributing free Love, Peace and Harmony CDs and the downloadable song.

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