There are many different meditations, and they have different effect.

We Chant for World Peace.

We also teach people from all walks of life to chant for their own peace.

We share Soul Power techniques and practices introduced by Master Zhi Gang Sha to help you connect with your soul and develop your soul abilities.

Soul Power techniques are highly effective, yet incredible simple. Many are sacred and secret practices known only to high-level masters for thousands of years. They applied them for self-development, helping others, opening the spiritual channels, and attaining enlightenment, and more.

Together, we will learn and apply Soul Power techniques for any aspect of our life – maintaining physical and emotional well-being, maintaining good relationships, meditations, energy exercises and even attaining enlightenment.

We proudly serve clients and students in different countries by travels, webcasts and localy in Vancouver.

Love Peace Harmony Song:

I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join hearts and souls together
Love, peace and harmony
Love, peace and harmony

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